Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society

May A Doctor Refuse to See Patients? \ Rabbi Avrohom Blaives
The Use of Electricity on Shabbat \ Rabbi Michael Broyde & Rabbi Howard Jachter and Yom Tov
Blood Spots in Eggs \ Rabbi Michael Broyde
Halachic Responses to Sociological and Technological Change \ Rabbi Michael Broyde and Avi Wagner
Erev Pesach On Shabbat \ Rabbi Alfred Cohen
On Yeshiva Men Serving in the Army \ Rabbi Alfred S. Cohen
Tumtum and Androgynous \ Rabbi Alfred Cohen
Living With Pain Whose Body? \ Rabbi Alfred Cohen
Destruction of Fruit-Bearing Trees \ Dr. Moshe Gartenberg and Rabbi Shmuel Gluck
Halachic Perspectives on Pets \ Rabbi Howard Jachter
The Canvas Succah \ Rabbi Yeshai Koenigsberg
Journalism, Controversy, and Responsibility: halachic Analysis \ Steven Oppenheimer
Physicians' Strikes And Jewish Law \ Fred Rosner
Payment For Healing On The Sabbath \ Fred Rosner
The Use of Hearing Aids on Shabbat \ Rabbi Elysha Sandler
Jewish Law and Copyright \ Rabbi Israel Schneider
The Physically and Mentally Disabled Insights Based on the Teachings of Rav
Moshe Feinstein \ Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler, Fred Rosner

Tubal Ligation and the Prohibition of Sirus \ Shaul Weinreb